Rubber Covered Speed Bump Set 3 m
Rubber Covered Speed Bump Set 3 m

PRODUCT ID | 1041-12104 YK ST

Speed bumps are used to slow down the speed of vehicles on public roads such as schools, hospitals, anywhere reduced vehicle speeds are desired. They improve pedestrian safety, reinforce stop signs in parking lots and reduce the risk of accidents on private residential streets, driveways and parking lots. PPC and rubber speed bumps are prefered because of their benefits like never need painting, easy one person installation, removable for snow plowing or pavement maintenance cost effective, years of high performance with low maintenance. Speed bumps with cable protecting channels provide cost effective protection of cables and prevent accidents. Rubber covered speed bumps combine the durability of PPC and the flexibility of rubber. The rubber covering prevents vehicle and tire damage.

We want to keep our roadways, parking lots and working areas safe with proper safety products, hereby we carry an extensive line of traffic control accessories. From cones to delineators,  from speed bumps to barricades, from signboards to flashers  we pretty much carry it all! Contact us if you don`t see what you are looking for.

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