BFT Moovi 50 Automatic Barrier  Set 5 m Boom Arm
BFT Moovi 50 Automatic Barrier Set 5 m Boom Arm
FOB Reference Price
840,80 / Piece

Shipping : Sea / Land / Air Transport


Electromechanical barriers ( gates) are suitable for toll road and car park applications, access to bridges, tunnels, level crossings, or entry control to private, public or industrial sites. They are designed to offer long-term reliability, efficient operation and durability and provide a smooth consistent operation. The wide range of accessories available makes them ideal in any context.

We want to keep our roadways, parking lots and working areas safe with proper safety products, hereby we carry an extensive line of traffic control accessories. From cones to delineators,  from speed bumps to barricades, from signboards to flashers  we pretty much carry it all! Contact us if you don`t see what you are looking for.

Product Options

Control unit :
Arm Lengths :
Locked / Unlocked Operation :
Working Voltage :
Average power consumed :
Thermal Protection :
Opening Speed :
Locking :
Release :
Usage Frequency :
Operating Temperature :
Protection :
Mechanism Weight :
Battery :

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