Pipe Type Wheel Stop - Short  120 x 17 cm
Pipe Type Wheel Stop - Short 120 x 17 cm
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50,10 / Piece 100 Piece (Min. Order)

Shipping : Sea / Land / Air Transport

PRODUCT ID | 2363-AR01

          Wheel stops also known as parking curb, parking stopper or car stopper ensure vehicles stop at the proper location preventing damage to buildings, sidewalks, curbs and delicate landscapes. Inside your facility, they function as bumper cushions and protection for motorized carts, forklift trucks and vehicles operating in factories and warehouses. Ideal for retail/commercial/business parking lots, parking garages and municipalities. Wheel stops provide necessary order by delineating parking spots and ensuring proper distancing.
Our wheel stops are produced from 90 mm dia. x 3 mm thick steel tube, and are available in 1,20 long x 170 mm high. They are firstly galvanised and powder coated with yellow paint. Black reflective tapes increase visibilty. The 3 base plates provide extra durability & a solid foundation. Easy to install & move with 6 10 x 120 mm lag screw and16 mm plastic fixing plug.

We want to keep our roadways, parking lots and working areas safe with proper safety products, hereby we carry an extensive line of traffic control accessories. From cones to delineators,  from speed bumps to barricades, from signboards to flashers  we pretty much carry it all! Contact us if you don`t see what you are looking for.

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