Delineator 30 x 8 cm
Delineator 30 x 8 cm
30 cm Flexible Spring Delineator Post

PRODUCT ID | 335-PL-03-100

  • Delinator post with 30 cm height , 8 cm diameter and 20 cm base diameter
  • Made of TPU ( Thermoplastic Polyurethane - highly versatile elastomer)
  • Bright, UV – resistant, weatherproof, orange color throughout for maximum visibility
  • Colors like yellow, white, green, blue or black also obtainable
  • Impact resistant to withstand repeated hits
  • Rebounds from any direction to stay erect
  • Resistant to dust and dirt, retaining its effectiveness for long periods even in high traffic situations
  • Round post design provides 360° of reflectivity
  • UV- resistant reflective collar with plain prismatic pattern ensures high visibility
  • Easy installation with 4 lag bolts and plastic fixing plugs
Delineators are posts, designed to "delineate" traffic or guide traffic into a specific lane. They are available in many heights and color choices. They also come in both tubular and flat panel designs. Flexible delineators produced mainly from TPU are designed to withstand vehicular impacts. There is a large assortment of flat panel and tubular delineator products, with or without reflective sheeting.
Delineators are ideal for any application where high performance and durability are important, including exit lane delineation, changes in road alignment, centerline traffic separation or urban turn restrictions. They can be als used in no-parking zones, fire lanes, traffic islands, etc. For temporary placements, delineators with rubber base are used. For permanent applications. delineators with fixable bases are preferred. On need accessoires like flashers, warning lamps and warning signs can be mounted on the delineators. Portable delineators with handle hooks are comfortable to carry and to create a security lane with reflective tapes.

We want to keep our roadways, parking lots and working areas safe with proper safety products, hereby we carry an extensive line of traffic control accessories. From cones to delineators,  from speed bumps to barricades, from signboards to flashers  we pretty much carry it all! Contact us if you don`t see what you are looking for.

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